How much does it cost to get a patent?


How much does it cost get a patent on an idea? It varies. There are three approaches:

OPTION 1: File your own patent application

The cheapest way is to simply file your own patent application, where the only fees you have to pay are the official US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) fees.
USPTO Fees (assuming micro entity status):
File provisional patent application (lasts 12 months) - $70
File non-provisional patent application - about $400
Patent Issue fee (after examination) - $450
These fees are spread out over a long period. This cost assumes that you are assuming responsibility for everything on your own and are not using a patent attorney.

OPTION 2: Hire a registered patent attorney

Hire a registered patent attorney or patent agent to write and file a patent application for you (the most expensive way). Most good patent lawyers bill between $250-$400 per hour (cheaper patent attorneys cost less). – They may charge $2500 to file the provisional and then another-$5000 for the non provisional and prosecution of the application.

OPTION 3: Have an experienced patent attorney teach you

The third option is to have an experienced patent attorney teach you how to write and file your own patent application. This way you can save thousands in attorney fees but you will still get a good, high quality patent application. I have created a free provisional patent template, a free provisional patent filing checklist, and free newsletter walking you through the entire process of writing and filing your own provisional patent application.
I can also help answer any specific questions and take a look at your patent application to make sure everything is perfect before its filed. You can find more information on my services page.
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